South Carolina looks to correct defensive urgency, second-half effort

South Carolina looks to correct defensive urgency, second-half effort

By Josh Hyber/Photo by Allen Sharpe

Editor’s note: South Carolina’s game against Marshall has been canceled due to Hurricane Florence. The Gamecocks next play on Saturday, Sept. 22 at 4 p.m. ET at Vanderbilt.

South Carolina linebacker T.J. Brunson was almost inaudible when talking with reporters on Saturday night after the Gamecocks’ blowout loss to Georgia. His face was expressionless and his answers were direct.

“I think guys just ... we just didn’t line up fast enough and we were not urgent,” Brunson said. “That’s all it came down to, urgency.

“I feel like everything that happened on our side of the ball had a lot to do with us, just understanding it was a dog fight. [Georgia was] good, but we’re just as good. We need to get [our young guys] to understand … that it’s a four-quarter game. … We have to be on the same accord all the time.”

He doubled down later on, saying, “During the second half a lot of guys just didn’t understand the grind of the game.”

SC looks to correct run

That has been the mind set this week as the Gamecocks continue their season.

“At times we had a couple of front situations where we were playing something up front that wasn’t matched with the secondary. We had some miscommunication. I would tie that into the urgency and focus of what you have to do to communicate,” South Carolina head coach Will Muschamp said on his Sunday night teleconference. “We had some issues in camp with that.”

When asked on Tuesday about the defense creating turnovers, the first thing linebacker Sherrod Greene mentioned was effort.

“I’ll just say more effort and being more discipline, running to the ball, actually thinking about the ball more,” the sophomore said. 

But like South Carolina quarterback Jake Bentley preached on Tuesday, there’s only room to grow. Not every team the Gamecocks are going to play is loaded with top NFL prospects. 

That was the message from Muschamp this week. Every week is a season.

“Learn from your mistakes and just keep moving on,” Greene said.