Jake Bentley: You can't let one loss affect the rest of the season

Jake Bentley: You can't let one loss affect the rest of the season

By Josh Hyber/Photo by Allen Sharpe

Editor’s note: South Carolina’s game against Marshall has been canceled due to Hurricane Florence. The Gamecocks next play on Saturday, Sept. 22 at 4 p.m. ET at Vanderbilt.

Jake Bentley has been one of South Carolina’s most prominent users of the phrase “Every Week Is A Season.” Regardless of if the Gamecocks win or lose, the team’s quarterback is quickly on to the next week.

That remained true this week, with the No. 24 Gamecocks (1-1) coming off a 41-17 loss to No. 3 Georgia (2-0) on Saturday. Bentley said on Tuesday when meeting with reporters that the Gamecocks stuck to the 24-hour rule, flushed out the loss and came in Tuesday with the right mind set. 

“A loss is never easy to just get over,” Bentley said. “Obviously, I think, being an older guy, you want to win those big games for your team and for your fans. But, at the same time, this is my third season now. You kind of know how to get over it and, in your mind, switch it over to the next week.” 

Being a junior, and the team’s starting quarterback, Bentley has been looked on to bring that “on to the next week” attitude.

“You’ve just got to bring the energy, especially today at practice,” he said. “And to try to stay upbeat and positive and just continue to remind the guys that it’s a long season. No matter if we won or lost that game, we still had 10 more game to play this season.”

Gamecocks monitoring hurricane

Bentley doesn’t follow social media, and neither do most of his teammates. He doesn’t see fans talk about how he has thrown just three touchdowns compared to 11 touchdowns against Clemson, Georgia and Florida in his career.

He just looks at the tape, learns and moves on. 

“Obviously there’s a lot of stuff I can get better at,” he said. “A lot of stuff our offense can get better at, but we’ve fixed that as best we can and really just focused on what we had to go better to go play Marshall.”

Bentley took positives from the Georgia game, including receiver Bryan Edwards’ 44-yard touchdown catch.

“We’ve got to be prepared to go play Marshall, a really good team that has a lot of team speed with a lot of great players,” he said. “There’s really nothing we can do about last week, other than get better from it, and that’s the mind set of everyone that’s come in today.”

He later added, “They’re very fast and very physical. They’re not a team that we’re going to be able to push around easily. They have some big, physical guys. Speed on defense. So we’ve got to be ready to go.”