South Carolina men’s soccer announced its 2019 home schedule. The Gamecocks will play 17 regular season matches, 11 at home and six away from the friendly confines of Stone Stadium. The Gamecocks will have four home matches total during the month of September, followed by six in October.

Grace Fisk seldom gets fazed when SEC attackers sprint at her full speed with a ball at their feet and eyes set on the South Carolina net. She rarely gets rattled when there are loose balls in the box or when she finds herself alone as the last defender back.

Lauren Chang has an impeccable memory when it comes to the fine details of her soccer career, from all the premier tournaments she has played in to the lengthy list of standout goals. “I remember everything that happens on the field,” the South Carolina sophomore said one morning in early October.

Mikayla Krzeczowski clapped her hands twice before embracing her defenders — a double high-five for Grace Fisk, a double low-five for Rebecca Koch and a hug for Jackie Schaefer. South Carolina’s goalkeeper then slung a white towel over her right shoulder and headed toward the Gamecock bench …

ORLANDO, Fla. — Before every South Carolina soccer game, Elexa Bahr seeks out Bianca Galassini, Meaghan Carrigan, Savannah McCaskill and Lauren Chang. In that order — and always in that order — the Gamecock forward and her teammates act out scripted and elaborate handshakes.